Largest gambling operator – Enlabs – criticized the decision of the Latvian legislators in the interim suspension of licenses of the country members online market. segment representatives believe that the decision will provoke an increase in the volume of shadow operations.

 Gambling country’s regulator has confirmed that the decision taken in the last month of the closure of all casinos, arcades and bingo, bookmakers PPP in order to minimize the spread of pandemic coronavirus also affect the operation of the online segment.

 The law will last at least until April 14, at the same time there is a possibility that the quarantine will be extended for up to three months. This means that for the entire period specified licensed operators are deprived of the right to provide their services to the Latvian users.

 CEO and President George Enlabs Ustinov said that the MPs adopted a decision likely to lead to an increase in the number of operations carried out by illegal operators. The specialist added that, in his opinion, the main purpose of Parliament – protecting users from unnecessary financial expenses – will not be achieved because of the existence of illegal segment.

 The representative of a major operator also said that the market players licensees receive significantly greater protection in view of the wide range of problem behaviors player controls. Nevertheless Ustinov did not rule out the possibility that, contrary to common sense to follow the example of Latvia and other countries.

 The specialist also said that the real threat to financially vulnerable people are illegal operators

 For its part, the company said that the impact of the suspension of work on the income statement will depend on how long the quarantine.

 We also note that, according to the executive director, the company plans to spend idle time in the development of technologies that would later allow it to become a leader on the Belarusian market. Read more about the work of the operator in the country, see the separate article.

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The Latvian parliament in disgrace because of the termination of the online gambling segment